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  • How much would it cost you to have a Dosa at your local fast food shack? Rs. 20/- maybe
    What bout a Katori of Kheer? Rs. 20/- i guess
    And a plate of Butter Chicken? Definitely anything above 30 bucks.
    And if you try the same items in semi "Posh" restaurants they may create a hole in your wallet 4/5 times bigger.
    But what if someone tells you that he gets to eat a Dosa only for Rs. 4/-, Kheer for Rs. 5.50 and Butter Chicken for Rs. 27/- only, would u believe him/her? In my opinion you should if that person happens to be a Member of Parliament or works in Parliament. The following list of Parliament House Canteen Food Rates will make the facts clear -
    Tea Re. 1.00
    Soup Rs. 5.50
    Dal (1 katori) Rs. 1.50
    Veg. Thali (Dal, Subzi, 4 Chapatis, Rice/Pulao, Curd, Salad) Rs. 12.50
    Non Veg. Thali Rs. 22.00
    Curd Rice Rs. 11.00
    Veg. Pulao Rs. 8.00
    Chicken Biryani Rs. 34.00
    Fish Curry and Rice Rs. 13.00
    Rajma Rice Rs. 7.00
    Tomato Rice Rs. 7.00
    Fish Fry Rs. 17.00
    Chicken Curry Rs. 20.50
    Chicken Masala Rs. 24.50
    Butter Chicken Rs. 27.00
    Chapati (per piece) Re. 1.00
    Rice (per plate) Rs. 2.00
    Dosa Rs. 4
    Kheer (per Katori) Rs. 5.50
    Fruit Cake Rs. 9.50
    Fruit Salad Rs. 7.00
    The rates of the items were last revised in 2004. Since then i guess the authorities have not realised the need to revise the rates. Thinking of it, now i have some clue bout why the inflation problem is getting worse every year in India. With the ever increasing paychecks and perks and the "SUPER-SUBSIDIZED" food our representatives at parliament have no real reason to take concrete steps to curb inflation. Did i use the word 'Subsidized'? Oh Yes! I did . . And it means that WE are paying for the food that these MPs eat though we have a hard time making our personal budgets and buying Dal for more than Rs. 100/- per Kg. But then it is Indian Democracy and we do things differently in India.

    P.S. - Happy Independence Day!

    2 Responses to “Subsidized!”

    Chatterbox said...
    August 14, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    Wow! a brilliant eye opener take on the bitter reality of Indian democracy :)
    Happy Independence Day savvy :D :D

    R. Ramesh said...
    August 15, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    MPs means ones with Millions in Pocket..wonderful post chatterbox says, it is a brilliant eye opener take on the bitter reality of Indian democracy..
    yet v love our motherland
    so, Happy Independence Day buddy:)

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