Monday, November 29, 2010


National Library and The Secret Chamber

  • Monday, November 29, 2010
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  • History used to be boring when i had to study those books and memorize the dates, back in school days. But after somehow getting over those days, i realized my mistake and believe that history can be pretty much interesting . . well at least some times like the following one.
    A mysterious room has been discovered in the 250 year old Belvedere House (commonly known as National Library in Kolkata) during the renovation of the building. The secret chamber has no opening of any kind. The chamber has lain untouched for over 2 centuries. The archeologists have no clue of the secrets that this hidden chamber may hold. But a wide range of theories are being speculated such as a torture chamber, sealed tomb, or may be even a treasure room. Plenty of such possibilities exist because the same building has a very rich colonial history and was used as residence of Lt. Governors. .
    So after this news piece, who still thinks history is boring?

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