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Forget Sex Education... How 'bout a lesson on Peeing Etiquette for Dummies?

  • Saturday, January 8, 2011
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  • There has been much debate about necessity of implementation of sex education in schools and though I have my two cents of wisdom on the issue, i shall cover it some other time. This post is about something more important to all of us. Its about something we all encounter in streets and probably girls are more vocal against the activity in public areas. I'm talking about PEEING! - there you go i've said it. Yup, you have read it right. No need to wipe your glasses clean and read it again. Frankly, why should i care more bout something which one performs in the privacy of his or her bedroom or any other place which isn't THAT PUBLIC than something that we Indians (largely the males) have made something of a social event. By now i know most of you have have understood what i'm trying to convey. For those who haven't yet got it, they should visit the local railway station, bus depo or even empty corner of the street and do some deep breathing exercises there. The sight of army of men standing (and if i may add, of all ages) and peeing (also to mention the severe stench) their way to the state of zen and almost to the point of spiritual bliss would make them learnt.
    What makes me feel sick 'bout the issue more than anything is the unity among indians in this case. Here we don't have any barrier of class, caste, religion, financial strength etc. The corporate youth of 26 well dressed in Coutons and Park Avenues can be seen standing in the same line with a Thelawala. This has made me believe that definitely we are skipping something. Maybe something like a lesson on "Peeing Etiquettes for Dummies". Afterall we are doing heluva fine job of making babies on large scale without proper sex education. So i think Peeing is the thing we need to be taught in schools, colleges and even universities. Now don't you dare to think that i'm going to criticize only the guys. No sir/ma'am. The ladies are almost equally sinned. The condition of ladies toilets are equally shocking. With pool of pee around the commode, its a herculians task to reach near it and do your thing. I won't go for the details for the obvious reasons. However, i must add that as a part of research for this post, i heard that there are plenty of women who prefer peeing on the toilet floor than in the commode. That's so gross ladies. And this phenomenon is common even in high class malls, shopping complexes and multiplexer all around the country.
    Before ending this rant, i would like to present to you two real life incidents that really made me think that 'civilised' can't be the word to describe some of us Indians.
    Situation-1 I was returning to my hometown by a train and suddenly saw a lady from a well to do family asking her little daughter to pee inside the local train compartment. At first i was shocked and almost dumb. Then i quite harshly said that it was not a proper thing to do. Her family members tried to argue that after all it was a kid. I mean come on. . Being a kid is no excuse to pee ur heart out at any god damn place.
    Situation-2 This one is more shocking. How would you feel if you see someone coming out of his/her big, shiny, clean house to pee on the street, just opposite the house? Shock, anger, helplessness may be some of the reactions that i felt when i saw a little girl coming out of her house to pee on the streets quite a number of times. But i can't blame that lil creature . What kind of dumbass parents are those who let their children pee on the street for no apparent reason?

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    Anonymous said...
    January 21, 2011 at 4:25 AM

    I hopped over to your blog and found some really nice reads :-) This one sure takes the cake! Indian men sure need some lessons on their "relieving" manners. Its a stinky sight to behold!

    Well, I would also endorse the fact that there are some women who do what you have mentioned. "Some women", mind it ;-) They do it since they feel the commode in a public toilet is not hygenic and thus, leave the toilet cubicle more germful than before! But then, still its a private affair and other women may choose not to go in there, but who would stop the men?????

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