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The Songs That Rocked Me!

  • Wednesday, May 5, 2010
  • SavvY
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  • Good music is one of the best things that we (humans) have. So much variations, so many gharanas, so different styles. I wasn't much into music when i was a teenager (Ah. . I miss those days). At that time, i had access to only bollywood music and i simply hated it. I think seeds of hatred for bollywood songs were sowed in me during the later period of Govinda and early period of Akshay Kumar. So with songs like "samose mein aloo" and "sarkai lo khatiya", which had not much to offer me, i kind of drifted away from music and songs. Occasionally i used to hear one or two MJ, Britney Spears, Madonna songs though i had no regular access to these. Obviously what i had was access to some kickass collection of old hindi movie songs by Kishore Da, Manna De, Hemanta, Asha Bhonsle and Lata Mangeskar which i used to listen with my dad. But I never felt that music could ever be important for me or that i will ever develop a particular taste for music.
    But then those days when i was passed my graduation and was in Kolkata for further studies, i became a FM radio addict. Yup. . These guys were playing the songs that i was really loving. And by this time the bollywood music scenario has also improved a lot with talented music directors, lyricists, songwriters and singers. Then i got a chance to listen to some Puratani songs by Shri Kumar Chatterjee on television. By then i knew that this genre had a lot to offer me. The Puratani songs kinda take me to the rich colonial past of Calcutta and its Babu culture. Since that day i have been a fan of Puratani songs. But the ultimate song that rocked me to the core was "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Dance of Death" by Iron Maiden. I came to know 'bout there songs when i was doing some research about rock songs. And till then i'm the fan of Iron Maiden too.
    Now when i think of it, i feel that i enjoy varied forms of songs and that i'm not confined to any particular type or time. This gives me an immense sense of satisfaction that i'm not musically challenged. So what type of music are you into and which songs do u think are simply out of this universe?

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